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Orbs of Oblivion 30mm Chonk d20 - 30% Off!

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Orbs of Oblivion 30mm Chonk d20 - 30% Off!

This is a 30mm chonk d20 with Nighthawk logo on the 20 face. Pearls of black, deep blue, and white. Each face features a black geometric pattern and numbers inked in metallic silver.

As with all handmade products, each set is unique and minor imperfections and signs of the making process are to be expected. These include: scuffs, minor mold marks, surface breaches of inclusions, and microscratches. Any more significant flaws are listed below. Returns and refunds will not be issued for listed flaws.

Please note: International buyers may be responsible for additional taxes and fees upon import.

Flaws: (See last photo, if applicable.)
- No notable flaws.